It’s My Year!

2012 ended with a big bang for me—in the best possible way! A few days before Christmas Entangled Publishing formally offered me a 3-book deal for my paranormal romance DEATH WARRIOR and 2 more books in the War of Angels series for their EDGE imprint.

It was a very exciting time for me but I had to keep all of this a secret. A lot of things were happening behind the scenes that were being finalized, including Entangled’s partnership with Davis Entertainment for film rights and with Macmillan/St. Martin’s Press for mass market publication and distribution, so I couldn’t yell from the rooftops like I’d planned. At least my agent and I were able to privately squee about it together!

You can imagine how tortured I felt holding all these secrets, so when I was finally able to announce the sale, I was relieved to be able to share it with the world…However, when the reality sank in that I’d have to produce 2 more books back-to-back, I was both invigorated by the challenge and nervous about meeting reader expectations. Of course, I want to make a stellar first impression for readers new to me and for those who have followed me in my career. I’ve always said I wrote outside the box, and maybe that’s why a lot of the NY publishers didn’t get my storytelling, didn’t get me. I was starting to believe that paranormal just wasn’t my genre. You see, my stories focus on romance and relationships set in a world where the paranormal exists. Yet I knew publishers only wanted to acquire grittier and darker storylines so mine didn’t fit the bill. It’s not that I didn’t want to write the stories they were looking for, I wrote a story that I would want to read myself. 

In DEATH WARRIOR, it’s a balance of love story, humor, and darkness…believe me, as the series progresses it will get much darker but I still hold firmly to my voice and in keeping with the elements of love and relationships. That’s why I feel really blessed that I found an editor who totally understood me and my storytelling. During these 9 years of writing romance, I never sacrificed my vision. I always wrote what I loved and although I made changes and tweaks here and there, I never sold myself out. This sale is extra special because I made it on my own terms without getting discouraged about piles of rejections from the “Big Six”. I’m proud of myself for pushing forward and believing in my abilities and proving that my love of writing would lead me to a publisher that would see my potential and vision. I don’t know what the future will hold for me but I plan on challenging myself more and more in whichever genre I write. I don’t necessarily believe one should limit oneself and I feel confident that it’s okay to create stories that will move me, move my readers. 

I truly love DEATH WARRIOR and I hope that you will too. It’s a world that involves Death, the Archangel, but it’s not as simple as demons, angels, and mortals. It’s a universe I’ve created that focuses on the characters within this world. Whether they’re a soul collector, reaper, angel, or mortal, all these characters are pivotal in this war. These books are about love, revenge, and redemption…most importantly, Free Will…but I promise it’s not like anything you’re used to or imagined. Although it’s subtle, my Eastern beliefs is incorporated in the storytelling. I know right off the cuff you’re either going to love it or hate it—but I’m hoping you’ll take a chance on me and read the book when it’s released.

P.S. I have to mention that not long ago RT Book Reviews provided an early buzz about my series which I’m absolutely thrilled about! However, I will have to say the details mentioned about my characters were reversed but I didn’t mind…buzz is buzz so I’ll take it where I can!




VIE is Death’s warrior, the most skilled of soul collectors and a powerhouse who has spent centuries making up for the sins of her past. Trust doesn’t exist in her vocabulary after being burned by the Archangel who condemned her soul for eternity. When she is forced to make a swift decision to save a sexy scientist, she never expected the tables to turn. Now marked as a traitor, she’s unleashed an apocalyptic chain effect that leaves her own soul ripe for the collecting from angels, demons, and the very one who created her.

HIRO MATSUMOTO has returned from the dead, only to discover he’s become a human target alongside a sassy, foul-mouthed, and distrusting soul collector. She’s a lethal, raven-haired beauty who wields a mean set of miniature scythes, and a woman whose armor he’d do anything to crack. While they figure out a way back into the good graces of heaven and earth, he’s going to savor every moment rebuilding the trust that his savior has lost.