Sinful Pleasures

ISBN: 978-1-4524-5289-0
Length: Novel ♦ Multi-author Anthology, Erotic

A passionate tryst in the Irish countryside, a heated rendezvous with a sexy businessman, and 4 steamy erotic short stories…by authors Jax Cassidy, Stephanie St. James, and Jen Ashton. SINFUL PLEASURES, an anthology…three storytellers of sensual and erotic romance in one very sizzling eBook collection!

DEVIL’S HEART by Jax Cassidy…
Flynn Donovan’s home is on a stage, strumming her guitar in underground bars. Close to her big break, she’s summoned to Ireland and faced with a life-altering choice—and a six-foot, dimpled distraction in the form of local pub owner Patrick Keane. Can Flynn give up the real-life fairytale for her lifelong dream? Sometimes the most difficult choices are the ones made while the music plays on.

BUSINESS OR PLEASURE by Stephanie St. James…
Callie Armstrong is on a mission to convince Lone Star Shipping’s CEO not to buy up her family’s business. A mission that’s cut short when he refuses to see her. Discouraged, Callie drowns her sorrows in a one night encounter with a handsome hunk from the hotel bar. The next morning Callie almost faints from shock when she’s finally let in to see the owner – none other than Mr. Last Night! Somewhere between the boardroom and the bedroom a one night fling flirts with real love, and suddenly Callie stands to lose more than just her company.

Erotic tales of titillating variety. From getting down and dirty with the boss, to public sex and adultrous affairs, these stories will heightened the senses and leave you breathless for more.