What Lies In Winter

What Lies In Winter

Publisher: Amber Heat (Amber Quill Press)
Length: Novella ♦ Contemporary Romance, Erotic

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A cabin rental mix up heats up, when an advertising exec beauty meets the reclusive beast in the form of a sexy mystery author.

When workaholic Hayley goes on a much-needed holiday to her favorite cabin hideaway tucked deep in the mountains of the Mammoth ski resort, she doesn’t expect to meet the beast of a man occupying her rental.

Bestselling mystery author, Nicholas Rhiordan, happens to have the same plan in mind, vacationing in his luxury cabin. He wants nothing better than to be left alone to finish his next novel, but when Hayley makes a surprise appearance, he discovers she’s hell-bent on disrupting his peaceful balance. Like any feral beast, his only recourse is to throw her out on her ass in a heap of snow and hope that she gets the hint.

When a relentless blizzard forces them to share the same quarters, their fiery personalities and equally combustible attraction could melt the ice caps off the snowy mountains. Once the storm blows over, will their connection fizzle like a snow flurry or will they pen a perfect ending?

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Warning: This excerpt may contain material inappropriate for minors and is intended for readers over 18 years of age.

…Nicholas was at Hayley’s side in a flash, wrapping his arms around her waist to break the fall. Her body crushed against him as he held firmly onto her. The room spun around her as his delicious scent filled her nostrils and permeated her system. The familiar aroma stimulated her every nerve ending until she was intoxicated by the power of it.

Hayley inclined her head, locked in his gaze. She could drown in the clear depths of his eyes; so transparent were they that she believed she could see through his soul if she delved deep enough. Dare she look?

In a dreamlike trance, her body moved toward him of its own free will, a magnetic pull she couldn’t break. All common sense evaporated when the craving took hold of her, bypassing her rational thoughts.

She inched closer without worrying about proprieties or consequences. In one quick motion, Hayley licked his neck from the base of his throat all the way to his chin. Moaning low in her throat, she savored him like a mouthwatering scoop of Chunky Monkey.

A groan rumbled out of Nicholas, and she smiled at his reaction to her tongue on his flesh. He tasted of salt and sweetness and Hayley knew she was a very naughty girl. There was no turning back from here. Gone was her self-control and sanity as the fire scorched her insides and pulsed to be owned, satiated.

She wanted Nicholas. She wanted him badly.

Her lips sought his and took what she needed. He stood stiff, hesitant for a brief moment while she traced his lips with her tongue. The rich flavor of smoke and spice lingered on his soft lips, perhaps remnants of whiskey he had consumed earlier.

He finally returned her kiss with a hunger and desperation she longed to fulfill. He was far from gentle as he invaded her mouth with his tongue, leaving her breathless. She didn’t shy away, but suckled, licked and nipped with the same frenzied momentum. Her head spun like a carousel, her body eager to taste more of him. Eager to taste the paradise his mouth was offering.

With every flick, stroke and thrust of his tongue, she was lost. Sinking, drowning, falling. She became so enthralled by his kisses she didn’t realize he had carried her to the sofa. She stirred to awareness when his rock-hard body covered hers, their tongues continuing to dance to the mutual rhythm fueled by their primal lust.

He gently propped her injured ankle on the pillow before he lowered himself, fitting snugly between her thighs. Her hands explored, clawed, gripped wherever possible through the bulky fabric, impatient to touch him…