USA Today Best-Selling Author Jax Cassidy writes sweet contemporaries & paranormal romances. She’s also known for her sensual love stories that take readers on an emotional and passionate journey. A total romantic at heart, her novels will whisk you away to charming little towns or exotic destinationsalways leading readers to a satisfying happily-ever-after.

Jax resides in Orlando, Florida and currently working on several projects including a BIPOC youth romance and a contemporary romance set in Vietnam. She’s also an internationally known 6th Generation Shamanic Healer and Spiritual Intuitive. When she’s not on deadline, she’s creating mixed media art, enthusiastically attending Kpop concertsor searching for unique and yummy craft coffee at the local cafés around the world.


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Reaping souls for over two centuries can be such a bore. Breaking every rule in the Heavenly guidebook, reaper Stasia Tien has been secretly moonlighting as a seasonal catering chef in the quirky town of Nocturne Falls. She’s managed to balance her double life for the past decade or two, but as Valentine’s Day approaches, her sous chef and reaper colleague is unexpectedly called away weeks before the elaborate charity dinner for which Stasia’s responsible. Forced to find a last-minute replacement, she has no choice except to collect a debt from handsome celebrity chef du jour, Balthazar Dash. Years ago, Stasia saved Zar, and although she’s responsible for guiding souls into the afterlife, this is one rogue soul she’d rather keep all for herself…

Chef Zar owes Stasia his life—literally. Living on a second chance, he’s long forgotten a bargain made during a moment of desperation until the mysterious reaper pops into his busy restaurant. He’s been living the American dream with several hit shows under his belt. But Zar is ready to take a step back to better care for his young daughter. Exiting his current lifestyle won’t be easy, but perhaps the gorgeous diversion Stasia provides is exactly what he needs to get back into Heaven’s good graces…

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Unicorn shifter Keke LaFleur is known around Nocturne Falls as the ‘love ‘em and leave ‘em’ gal. She’s been running from relationships since her childhood sweetheart accidentally witnessed her transformation. Just when she believes her hooves are planted in the present, her past rides in on a sleek Bronco—of a vehicular kind—pulling an oversize Mobile Vet trailer behind it.

Traveling veterinarian Rochester “Rock” Winthorpe has spent over a decade in search of his first love. He hopes to finally straighten out the misunderstanding that had sent Keke off in a huff. Now that he’s found her, he’s hell-bent on chasing her until he gets an “I do”—before she manages to gallop away with his heart again.

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Luna Matsya is a local celebrity as a trendsetting hairstylist, but she’d prefer to spread her fin in a nice body of water rather than make a big splash around town. She’s starting to believe that her ability to live and walk among mortals is more of a curse rather than a blessing. Especially now that the flashy tent from a touring magic show is blocking her lake. Where’s a mermaid to swim when the slightest mistake can put her in the spotlight?

Ace Conall is infamous for his daring tricks and he plans to make history with an epic illusion before taking a lengthy hiatus. This is a chance for him to finally feel at home after harboring a secret that may be the greatest magic act never revealed. What he hadn’t expected was falling for a smart-mouthed siren tangled up in his plans.

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A sweet paranormal romance…

PsychicsBeast300Featuring PSYCHIC’S BEAST by Jax Cassidy

A modern day retelling of Beauty and the Beast…

Psychic Arabella Winterborne is forced to move into a mysterious fairytale-like mansion when her stepfather is caught embezzling from a powerful billionaire known for his beastly demeanor.

What started out as a life sentence to repay a debt by serving as Lux Beastly’s personal oracle soon turns into a magical adventure that heals two scarred souls.

When Lux’s own freedom is at stake, he must choose between the future of his company or losing Arabella forever.