Bent Not Broken


Release Date: August 6, 2021
New Adult
CONTENT WARNING: PG-13. This story references mental health, ttempted suicide, self-harm, alcohol use, and language that could be a trigger for some readers.

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BENT by Jax Cassidy

I hated myself.

Hated the fact that I lived…while the person I loved had not.
Things spiraled out of control and I was sent packing to the place where it all began.
While I wrestled with the demons inside of me, I ran smack into-him.

I hated him.

Hated the fact that Dean was the person I was not.
Where I craved for death, he desired to live.
While I refused to accept the truth, he forced me to face my fears.
He made me feel again.
Love again.

When I was lost…Dean had found me.
Now that I wanted to live, he was pushing me away.
If I leave-I risked losing everything all over again.
This time, though, I had a choice.
I could save his dreams…and our love.