It’s Been A While

persistingSometimes writing makes you dig deep down inside to the very part of you that hurts the most, makes you pull out everything that you’ve tried to bury and bring it to surface… makes you face your demons… conquer your fears… and although the scars are still raw, you can’t help but better understand yourself. Trust me, you can’t leave the past behind even if you try because it haunts your very existence and shapes the person you are now. It’s also what makes you a better writer and a kind of therapy that will get you through those hard times.

I’m working on a proposal that’s been rather challenging. The characters are damaged and while I write their story, I can’t help but be sucked in. I’m transported back to a time when I felt their happiness, their loss, their pain. I suppose a good storyteller is able to suck readers into the same world to experience the H/H journey. This story is very dear to me because it’s extremely dark yet the underlying message is beautiful. After I write each scene I can’t shake out of it. It stays with me for longer than usual but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I want it to be the beginning of something much deeper, more meaningful for me as a writer. I want it to be a stepping stone that will someday take me to the next level as a writer.