Book Sales & Winner Announcement

“Let your dreams be bigger than your fears, your actions louder than your words, and your faith stronger than your feelings.” —Unknown


It’s been a crazy ride. After several long years of hard work, frustration, sweat—and a heckuva lots of tears—I finally sold my paranormal series in a 3-book deal! SQUEE!! Of course, I’ve been holding out on the news for a while until it was official. On December 21st, it was finally a done deal and DEATH WARRIOR, Book 1 of the War of Angels series, will be available 2013!

Frankly, I’m THRILLED about working with my new publishers and honored that my work was chosen. It’s really difficult when you set out to build a world that you can only hope readers will believe in and embrace. I’m one of those writers who write outside-the-box, no matter how much I try, I’ve got that quirkiness that makes editors pause. So, for me to finally find an editor that totally ‘gets me’ and my universe—it’s like a dream come true!

This is just the beginning of my adventure and although I’m not new to writing paranormal romances, this will be my first official launch as a paranormal author to my readers. I truly hope that you will support and follow me on this new direction. I love love love this world and I hope you will as well! I’m thankful to all of YOU who have supported me over the years and have purchased my books. Without your love an loyalty I wouldn’t have made it this far.

And the winner that was chosen at random through Random.org for the holiday gift box is:


Congratulations! Your box will be shipped in the mail soon!!

Please visit me again for more breaking news in the weeks to come. I’m wishing YOU and your family a beautiful and magical holiday!