Keep Smiling

Rockin’ Out to: CATCH MY BREATH by Kelly Clarkson

* * * *

It’s been quite a year…2012 marked big changes in my life and there was much reflection going on. I can say the turbulent times felt like it was never-ending but I persevered and kept marching ahead with a smile on my face, even if there was an ache in my heart and an emptiness in my soul. Sounds like one of my stories, huh?

Well, it wasn’t necessarily a bad year but it was a year of many tests when it came to what I wanted to accomplish. Sure, I was faced with immeasurable doubt and my confidence was waning but I always looked to the future. Where did I see myself in five years? Certainly in a better position in my career. For once, I am starting to understand myself as a writer. My style has morphed into a maturity that I needed and it can only shape into something wonderful…something beautiful. Honestly, if not for my friends and readers, it would have been a considerably harder road to travel. Now I’m in a good place and the pieces are starting to fall together. The world is brighter and I’m excited about reaching my goals.

Well, I’ve learned a lot about myself including the fact that I couldn’t be easily shaken. My thick skin has become my fortress and strength but I didn’t allow it to be my crutch. I’m glad I took those trips to L.A. which allowed me to catch my breath a bit…so the song is really appropriate for this stage in my journey. I needed to step back and have a bit of fun. This re-energized me and gave me a chance to view things in a new perspective. I’m still learning to focus more on myself instead of drowning in work and obligations. It’s been so easy for me to say yes to everything but I’m starting to see my limitations and putting my foot down. I’ve turned away workload so I would write more. I’ve also embraced my weaknesses and fears. Perhaps that is what has helped me improve in my storytelling.

I can’t believe I’ve been writing romance for nine years…so close to a decade. Time passed in a blink of an eye and I don’t regret any of it. In fact, I’m looking forward to the next chapter in my life. If I keep smiling inside and out, I think it won’t be long before I have so many more reasons to smile about.

As Christmas approaches I want to do something special for my readers. I also hope that you’ll continue to support me in whatever direction I choose to go. Thanks for understanding my need to write in multiple genres. Thanks for cheering me on and loving my stories. Your love is my strength and that’s another wonderful reason for me to keep smiling.