Volatile Romance

I’ve noticed dark and volatile romances are popping up everywhere since the whole 50 Shades phenomenon. The truth is, they’ve always been around. Now authors who have been writing these sexy, intensely charged books are finally getting the recognition they deserve. I’m sure most readers will automatically assume these books all contain kink or are set in the world of BDSM, but it’s not necessarily so. You can pick up books with passionate, yet damaged characters and a sexy storyline in just about any genre. Whether it’s contemporary, paranormal, or historical…those themes are there and are found in a lot of good romances.

I admit, I LOVE writing emotionally damaged and passionate characters. I don’t write hardcore erotica but the stories are pretty darn steamy. Of course, I also am a romantic at heart so I put it out there. For the most part, the stories I pen have humor added in but also contain some dark undertones. Whether the darkness is in the hero or heroines past, it’s there, and it affects the relationship of the characters. Frankly, you’re always going to get a happy ending from me. That’s just how I roll….LOL!

Want to know a secret? For the longest time I’ve longed to write a story that delved into the deepest, darkest recesses of a broken emotional relationship but I wasn’t sure I could execute it well. The truth—I was scared to push past my usual comfort zone to bare my soul in a story that’s so vulnerable. Now that I’m at a point in my life and career where I want to challenge myself, I feel like I should finally write that project that’s been buried in my heart. It’s going to be darker than I’ve ever written and hopefully I will be able to overcome my fear of failure to do it justice. My hope is for it to affect my readers on an emotional level. That’s probably an author’s dream come true. Frankly, I love a book that will make me happy, sad, angry, and haunted by the love story…I hope that this new series I’m working on will touch on all those emotional points. Let me tell you, it’s exciting, thrilling to tackle—and I hope the books will show my growth and maturity as a writer.

While I’ve been working on this story, I’ve been putting together my playlist for the book. I will say that TRY by P!nk is the absolute perfect song for me to listen to. It’s so emotional and deep. I suppose we all interpret songs differently regardless of the music video, but this particular song gets me into the characters dark frame of mind. I’m afraid that I’m very much a method writer (you like my play on the word method actor?)—I could totally get lost in my character’s world and completely immerse myself. However, this time it feels different for me. I bet it’s going to be difficult to separate myself from the story once I reach the end…but I’ve mentally prepared myself. I also have lots of Kleenexes, chocolates, and wine handy. Now all I need to do is bury myself in the writing cave again. Good thing it’s NaNoWriMo month so I’m already forced to finish 50,000 words.

Okay folks, I’m sure I will be even more motivated if you cheer me on! Until next time…