The Smell of New

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was to receive my print proof of UNMASKED written by my YA alter ego  J.J. WYNN. The print version will be available July 25th, the day I fly out to California. I’ll provide details when it’s available.

Most people ask me why I went with a pen name but it’s really about author branding. I want readers to know exactly what they’re getting when they pick up a Jax Cassidy book versus a J.J. Wynn book. The voices are slightly similar but the storytelling targets the appropriate age group. I wouldn’t want any of my sibling’s kids to pick up my adult romances. Between dirty words, sensual and explicit love scenes, it would be verra verrra bad if they picked up the wrong book. LOL

I’ve always wanted to write in the young adult genre but was always afraid. This debut book is one of my best accomplishments because it’s something I’m really proud of. I enjoy writing sweet romances because this world is dark enough. I miss those youthful days of innocence and clean fun…I can’t promise all the books will be uber sweet but I don’t think I’d write anything over a PG rating. Heck, I love reading sweet romances whether it’s YA or geared for adults and I hope that readers will enjoy them. I know I still have a lot of growing to do in this genre but the process is what is so exciting. I’ve joined Wattpad and will be writing a free ongoing paranormal story in the next few months called WHEN A STAR FALLS.

I sincerely hope my readers continue to follow me on my writing journey. I’ll need all the support and encouragement I can get!