One foot forward

“On the mountains of truth you can never climb in vain: either you will reach a point higher up today, or you will be training your powers so that you will be able to climb higher tomorrow.” —Friedrich Nietzsche 

Rockin’ Out to: GIVE YOUR HEART A BREAK by
Demi Lovato

* * * *

It’s funny how you can start out with a goal, a plan, a direction…then along the way the road seems to split and you’re left standing at a crossroads.

I should have expected this. I’ve spent well over a decade pursuing my love of writing—whether it’s screenplays or novels—and even though I’ve committed myself 100% to realizing this dream, the journey still hasn’t gotten any easier. I must really love what I do to keep forging ahead, huh? The truth is, there are days where I’m simply tired. Frustrated. Scared.

Writing for the public will always meet with favorable or unsavory reviews. I try not to read any of them because I know it’s an individual opinion. I also know not everyone will love my stories but at least I can say they’re words that I poured my heart into. Being a sucker for happy endings, you’re always guaranteed one in my books. That’s the best part of my job.

I’ve been working simultaneously on two books. One is a contemporary set in a small town and it’s very heartbreaking at times. There’s plenty of humor and heart but it’s been difficult to write. The second is a dark young adult novel which is a modern day fairytale. It’s also a challenging storyline.

As I’m writing these two, I realized just how much I’ve grown as an author. I can see it in my “voice” and the harder it is, I know it’s simply because I demand more from myself. Maybe that’s why my writing speed has slowed…which can be a good thing. I suppose it’s because I put more thought into every word, every sentence. However painful this may be, I will be fulfilled when I’ve put out my best effort and it’s recognized.

I had initially planned on posting more regularly but this year has been a rollercoaster ride. I’ve been working non-stop on freelance graphics, became a Vice President of my writing chapter, and actually took a part-time day job—so my time has been pretty limited. I also blog regularly at Naughty Author Chicks and I spend a small amount of time on my social networks…once I get all my freelance jobs cleared away, I’m going to seriously take time off to write full-time. Somehow, I keep getting roped into adding on more to my plate…maybe I should make it a goal to say “NO THANK YOU.”

In the meantime, I have so many smaller releases coming out this year that I’m excited about. My first sweet YA romance is going to be available at the end of the month. I’m so stoked about it and I hope readers will enjoy it as much as my adult romances. It’s actually a refreshing change for me. Hopefully my readers are willing to follow me into this new genre.

Until next time—for now, I will be hiding deep in the writing cave. I hope to share good news with you in the near future.