Life’s Soundtrack

When writing a novel, one of the most important things for me is the music soundtrack. I like to make a playlist of songs that help guide me through the scenes. Most authors may find music distracting, but for me, I go stir crazy without it. It’s almost like a soothing drug and it keeps me focused. The rise and fall of the beats, the way the tempo changes seem to draw out more of my emotions so I can pour onto the pages…it makes the characters more vulnerable and honest…well, at least that’s what I believe.

I don’t know when I fell in love with music and sound but I honestly feel the world is a darker place without it. One of my favorite experiences is having the fortune of working with talented music producers who taught me how to write lyrics. I can proudly say I penned a few songs that the artist(s) recorded for demos. Somewhere in my sacred memory boxes—that is now safely locked in storage—holds some of those masterpieces. So learning the beauty of writing lyrics, working side-by-side with the artists and producers in the recording studio, and watching the technicians lay down the tracks was an amazing opportunity. Let me tell you, it’s hard work and once you get to hear the song played for the first time…it’s a high you can’t ever forget. Maybe it’s because the words I’ve written finally has a voice and like writing, the characters are speaking a musical language that I hope will capture my audience. Whatever the genre may be, the hero and heroine is revealing their life’s soundtrack on every page.

I hope when you read my stories you’ll be able to hear the music, feel it, and let my words stir those emotions within you…which tells me I’ve done my job…that I’ve transported you into the story and helped you erase the world around you at least for a few minutes, hours…

This year, I hope to bring more interesting and exciting stories. Stay tuned.