August 2010

Dear Friends & Readers:

The Romance Writer’s of America’s (RWA) annual conference was a huge success thanks to the board members and their swift actions in moving the event to Orlando from Tennessee, due to flooding. I’m proud to say the Literacy Signing brought in over $65,000 for various literacy organizations locally. It is amazing the power of authors pulling together for an incredible cause!

This time around conference was low-key and gave me plenty of opportunity to network and contemplate my goals. Of course, things were chaotic and full of surprises but extremely memorable. I loved every crazy moment of it. Conference is the one time of year in which I get to connect with my fellow authors and friends. It’s a time to share experiences, receive advice, and get the kick in the pants an author needs when they’re going through a rough patch.

How many people have a chance to sit close enough to their favorite authors–ahem, Nora Roberts–and how many get to spend time with prolific authors whose book regularly line the shelves at every major bookstore? Not often…but at conference, I am lucky enough to share breakfast, lunch, dinner, or cocktails with these amazing women (and men). It’s totally awesome! Mostly, it’s inspiring on so many levels. These authors are so down-to-earth and a supportive bunch of strong and ambitious women. I love being surrounded by such empowered women so it’s not too hard to carry their strengths with me when the event ends. It’s a special time and I’m so glad I didn’t miss it this year! Now that it’s over, I’m a bit sad and missing my roommates. I’m also starting to prepare for 2011 in NYC! I know this venue will be absolutely amazing because it’s held in the very capital of publishing.

This month is going to be intense. I’m banished to the writing cave until my manuscript is completed and polished. I can only say that I hope when I return, I will emerge a better writer, possess a clearer perspective, and a stronger soul.

Until next month,