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November 2009

Dear Friends & Readers:

Fall is in full swing now that one of the most exciting pumpkin carving holidays has just passed, thus marking the beginning of another cozy and inspiring season. First off, let me just say how excited I am to announce my recent sale to Amber Quill Press. BRUSH STROKES, my sensual contemporary will be released in eBook the weekend of January 17, 2010! I can’t believe I’ll have something published at the beginning of the New Year—what a wonderful reason to celebrate!


For Sage, attending the Parisian sex club, Plaisirs Sombres, was the ultimate fantasy. So when the conservative gallery assistant is cloaked behind the velvet mask, she never expected to be the object of the club owner’s desire. Spurred on by D.S. Gregoire’s erotic and sensual brush strokes of the exclusive club, she gives into a brief liaison that leaves her breathless and wanting.

For Damien, known to the art world as D.S. Gregoire, his art has always been an adrenaline rush. But when an exotic and mysteriously uninhibited ‘sex club virgin’ enters his establishment, he is willing to break his club rules for another taste of the dark pleasures she brings him.

This story is very dear to me because it gave me a chance to revisit Paris. I was able to draw in the exoticism of the city while incorporating a lot of research to make the setting believable. During the time I wrote this, I had come across a very interesting book called Naughty Paris Guide and got a chance to interview the author, Heather Stimmler-Hall. She had written an amazing book that captured the sensuality of the City of Light and when I came across a piece on the exclusive sex clubs for the sophisticated and wealthy, I had to write about it. Of course, it’s got my own spin and this story is more of a love story than an erotic short…but I was also able to tie in my love of art. I think that writing short stories is more difficult because you have to make every little detail count. I hope you’ll enjoy my characters Sage and Damien as much as I loved writing them. Two different people but with a common interest that could only add to their passion.

Oh, I’ve got an exciting contest in the works but you’ll have to wait a bit longer. Once I get it all together, I’ll be posting a photo and breakdown of what’s going into the giveaway on my BLOG Tuesday, December 1st. All you have to do is comment with your email addy and you’ll be automatically added for a chance to win this Winter Inspiration Gift Bag. It’s going to be a great treat for one special winner! However, due to the cost of shipping, international winners will only be eligible for the $25.00 gift card and an eBook ARC of my January release.

I’m currently hard at work trying to polish my latest paranormal and hopefully get it out to my agent before the publishing industry closes for holiday. I’ve really got a full schedule ahead of me so I may be hiding in the writing cave from now until the first part of 2010. I know you’re curious about my foray into the paranormal but I think you’ll enjoy the shift 🙂 In the meantime, you can always catch up on my latest news and ramblings by following me on my BLOG.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful season and hope you make the effort to spend time with your loved ones. I’ll be traveling most of December and January but will sneak in some time to get some much needed R&R.

Until next month,


October 2009

Dear Friends & Readers:

October is well under way and I’ve been busy writing. I love this time of year when the excitement of the upcoming holiday season swirls in the air. There’s something magical about seeing Christmas lights go up and decorations lining the streets. If I can get through this current project, I hope to write a short holiday free read for you. It’s been a while since I’ve written something just for myself and it’s even better to be able to share it with my readers. I don’t know about you but this is the time when I’m at my busiest. I’m sure you are too and so you’ll most likely enjoy escaping from the stresses of daily life for an hour or so–and you should! I haven’t decided if I’m going to write a paranormal or a contemporary yet, but I know that when I’m ready to sit down and weave this tale, my characters will let me know what kind of adventure they want to star in.

I’m also planning on doing a nice winter giveaway. It’s going to be something special but it’s not all fleshed out yet. As soon as I make a decision I’ll be able to fill you in. Well, I’ve got exactly one week to finish my WIP so I better get back to it…

Hopefully you’re enjoying the beautiful weather, the changing leaves, the smell of hot cocoa or ginger spiced latte… Just remember, life’s too short not to take some time out for yourself.

All my best,

September 2009

Whipped Cream Reviews gave SUNSWEPT 4.5 cherries!

“This collection of stories goes on the keeper shelf to be brought out again and again.”


Dear Friends & Readers:

Welcome to the official re-design of my website. I thought it was time to change things up a bit since I’m starting a new paranormal series that is dark, sexy, and edgier than what I’ve written before. I haven’t stopped writing those contemporaries—I promise you that. For now, I wanted to go outside my comfort zone and provide a tale that’s action-packed and entertaining. This is a totally new identity and hopefully it’ll thrill you, but if you’re looking for all the heat, it’s still there, just not as explicit because I promised my family I’d write something they could read. When I am able to post tidbits of this new novel you’ll get a first look! I think changing directions is a good thing…but I hope you’ll love whatever I write!

I wanted to take this opportunity thank my supporters. I’m so grateful to all you who have purchased ART OF SENSUALITY. Word of mouth is helping spread my name around the globe…small press doesn’t have quite the distribution so I’m hoping you’ll be nice enough to tell others about my books. If you haven’t picked up SUNSWEPT, you should. It may become a collector’s item someday since it’s the last project that was written under the Cassidy Kent name.

In the coming months, I hope I’ll have some great news to add. Until then…

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