September 2009

Whipped Cream Reviews gave SUNSWEPT 4.5 cherries!

“This collection of stories goes on the keeper shelf to be brought out again and again.”


Dear Friends & Readers:

Welcome to the official re-design of my website. I thought it was time to change things up a bit since I’m starting a new paranormal series that is dark, sexy, and edgier than what I’ve written before. I haven’t stopped writing those contemporaries—I promise you that. For now, I wanted to go outside my comfort zone and provide a tale that’s action-packed and entertaining. This is a totally new identity and hopefully it’ll thrill you, but if you’re looking for all the heat, it’s still there, just not as explicit because I promised my family I’d write something they could read. When I am able to post tidbits of this new novel you’ll get a first look! I think changing directions is a good thing…but I hope you’ll love whatever I write!

I wanted to take this opportunity thank my supporters. I’m so grateful to all you who have purchased ART OF SENSUALITY. Word of mouth is helping spread my name around the globe…small press doesn’t have quite the distribution so I’m hoping you’ll be nice enough to tell others about my books. If you haven’t picked up SUNSWEPT, you should. It may become a collector’s item someday since it’s the last project that was written under the Cassidy Kent name.

In the coming months, I hope I’ll have some great news to add. Until then…

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