The Mermaid Catches Her Mate Release

I am SO very excited about this release! Who wouldn’t be?

I get to write about mermaids, wizards, unicorns, Fae and so much more. I get to explore and reconnect with Asian mythology and add my own creative spin on it. Most importantly, I get to create heroines who are ethnic and diverse. Characters a lot like me who embraced both the Eastern and Western cultures we grew up in.

I’m going to be a bit vulnerable for a moment… when I was asked to write for the Nocturne Falls Universe, I was petrified. I didn’t think I could do it. Even though I was familiar with the epic world that Kristen Painter had created, I didn’t have the confidence to write this story. I allowed fear of possibly not meeting her reader’s expectation almost prevent me from walking away from the most amazing project ever! I’m so thankful that I worked through all the pressures, fears, and worries to create characters that I’d love to be friends with in reality! My sense of humor has always been quirky, so it was perfect to let myself go and enjoy the storytelling. I set aside the insecurities and immersed myself in the adventure. That’s what I missed most about writing. When I wrote the last few pages, it was a big turning point. I’d almost called it quits many times but I pushed forward even when the going got tough. When words didn’t flow and I only stared at the blank pages for days, weeks. It was the scariest feeling. Almost as if I’d lost the ability to create. Thank goodness for my support system, friends and loved ones. If they hadn’t cracked the whip and given me tough love, I don’t know what would’ve happened.

At the beginning, I couldn’t seem to get the words out. I thought too much about making the story perfect and fitting into the Nocturne Falls series, but I’m not Kristen. I could never write like her or even want to..simply because that is her own unique and beautiful voice. It’snot mine. However, I could be myself and write a story that would fit into that parallel world she’d created. One of the things I learned most about myself is that I needed to focus on my voice, staying authentically me. I didn’t want to mimic any style because it’s not being true to myself. As I started to see the importance of this project, it was a challenge I needed. The more I began to let the outside world disappear around me when I wrote, the more relaxed I became. The story pretty much wrote itself. Luna and Ace were vocal in what they wanted and I just let them lead the way. Now that I’m seeing the final product, I’m beaming with happiness for the joy it brings to readers. It’s given me more fuel to keep moving forward and continue to weave awesome stories in the series.

I know some of the original readers of the NF series might believe this is fan fiction, but it isn’t. We were hand picked by Kristen and we didn’t write something without the consent of the creator. You can read the FAQ about the NFU on her website, which will go into detail on why she created this version of her own universe. Not only are we doing this to help bring more stories and characters in that world, but we get to connect with readers who may discover our voice and love our story telling. It’s a wonderful way to honor Kristen’s creation through writing stories we’re absolutely enthusiastic about! For me, it’s an honor to write for this series because Kristen is the most beautiful soul, and I couldn’t say ‘no’ for many reasons. I respect her as a person and her talent is unbelievable! Being her friend is something that I’ve always cherished as we started writing books at the exact same time. It was a journey we both shared and supported each other through the years. Life may have changed courses for us a few times, but our bond, connection, and faith has led us back on the same path. So, you see, this new writing direction is the perfect beginning for me. I’m pretty much starting over, and I couldn’t have been more prouder than to write for the Nocturne Falls Universe. Thanks, Kristen for believing in me! <3


Luna Matsya is a local celebrity as a trendsetting hairstylist, but she’d prefer to spread her fin in a nice body of water rather than make a big splash around town. She’s starting to believe that her ability to live and walk among mortals is more of a curse rather than a blessing. Especially now that the flashy tent from a touring magic show is blocking her lake. Where’s a mermaid to swim when the slightest mistake can put her in the spotlight?

Ace Conall is infamous for his daring tricks and he plans to make history with an epic illusion before taking a lengthy hiatus. This is a chance for him to finally feel at home after harboring a secret that may be the greatest magic act never revealed. What he hadn’t expected was falling for a smart-mouthed siren tangled up in his plans.

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