"Miranda Writes transports the reader into a wonderful amusement of sexy and sensual passion that is rather alluring. Miranda and Matt are lively characters that ignite the pages and keep the fire burning. Ms. Kent brings the story, the characters and the momentum to life in this enchanting read."
5 Cups ~ Cherokee, Coffee Time Romance

"...A fantastic story with sensual and just plain sexy scenes, it was a quick read that I enjoyed. Miranda and Matt struck sparks from the very beginning and Ms. Kent brought them to life very well...[I] truly liked these characters."
5 Angels ~ Serena, Fallen Angels Reviews


"...snarky, feisty, fun...Their relationship has the flavor of salt and vinegar chips, you can't help but smack your lips at their snappy comebacks and dreamy kisses. Just the right amount of sex sprinkled here and there refreshes and rejuvenates like iced tea on a hot day...I gladly gave this fast-paced story line 5 stars as Diana and Chance fight for survival, each having a point to prove under constant scrutiny of the camera...Read this one before watching another episode of a reality based show, you never know what catches your fancy."
5 Stars ~ Mahaira Fatima, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"...Cassidy Kent is a great author who does a wonderful job of telling this story in a quick-paced atmosphere. There are so many characters involved that it would be easy to confuse the reader; I assure you that did not happen. She presented the main characters as strong individuals with their unique styles in cooking and handling adversity. The story is lighthearted with sensual lovemaking. I recommend this book as an interesting interlude to reality! Good work, Ms. Kent!"
4.5 Hearts ~ Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio

"If only Food Network could come up with a hot reality show like Fighting Chance...Kitchen Stadium from Iron Chef never looked this good...DOLCE & DIANA is a delicious treat from Cassidy Kent that may only be "novella" in length but still fits in all the right places for a damned good romance with some erotic notes to tantalize the taste buds. With contenders like Chance and Diana, it's never a question as to whether they deserve one another. Like cheese and wine, these two pair up and accessorize one another quite well. And the things they do behind closed doors...on a sailboat...and on a couch....well, there's the spice that puts the pop in Cassidy Kent's snappy little story. Yes, waiter, I'll have your special – Chance Kohler with a side of hot oil, strawberries and chocolate. Do you think Diana would mind? Get DOLCE & DIANA now; it's a requirement for daily survival and fine reading..."
~ Amy Cunningham, Romance Reviews Today

"...Ms. Kent has written a story that leaves you hungry as you turn the pages. Not only will the food preparation leave you panting, but also what Chance and Diana do with the food on their bodies leaves you starving for more. The sex is hot. This book shows you that sometimes a little friendly competition can turn into reality."
4 Cups ~ Sherry, Coffee Time Romance

"...Dolce & Diana is a light-hearted romance with a touch of spice. It is at its core a love story about two people both struggling to overcome past events that have shaped their lives. Diana is dealing with the emotional issues of divorce and trust, while Chance is still reeling from the last contestant's post-season bids for attention at any cost. It is sweet and sensual and this reader enjoyed it."
3.5 Appetizers ~ Debbie H., Gotta Write Network


"...These characters are earthy though appealing...Their unions are frequent, coming together with ravishing need and gratifying fulfillment. The exhibitionism is sedate though heightens the corporeal awareness of the story. A hot, fast read, Dear John satisfies this reader's need for romance and erotic sex."
4 Stars ~ Pamela Craft-Jenewein, Gotta Write Network

"...This is a story full of misunderstandings and misdirection done so well that you will keep reading to find out what really happened to the two of them, as well as to enjoy a really good story. It would have been nice, but not necessary, to have a little more of Dane's background. The other characters are just as real and likeable as Dane and John, making this a story that I will definitely be reading again."
4 Cups ~ Maura, Coffee Time Romance

"...DEAR JOHN is a fast-paced, quick romantic read with likable characters. It will make you warm and cozy and maybe you'll remember a long lost love."
4 Stars ~ Mahaira Fatima, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"...a wonderful rendition of love, ten years later! The characters are strong...[and] Ms. Kent used the misunderstanding between them to build their tension. The outcome, while unexpected, will surprise everyone. This is an excellent choice for a quick, lighthearted read!"
5 Hearts ~ Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio

"DEAR JOHN is a fun quick read that will leave readers smiling and remembering that high school romance. The characters are engaging, although this story is fast, it doesn’t feel short or rushed."
4 Rating ~ The Romance Readers Connection


"...Cassidy Kent has discovered a new talent hidden within her…that of writing Torrid Romance... Salacious kisses lead to everything [Hayley] could possibly imagine… and then some...WHAT LIES IN WINTER is definitely as torrid as they come..."
5 Stars ~ JoEllen Conger, Gotta Write Network

"...With just the right mix of passion and humor, What Lies in Winter will quickly capture your emotions and your attention. What Lies in Winter is sure to be a winner for Cassidy Kent. I look forward to reading more by this talented writer."
4.5 Stars ~ Elise Lynn, Ecataromance

"From witty banter to scorching hot love scenes, What Lies in Winter is a definite must-read! Cassidy Kent has such a relaxed and easy-flowing writing style that the pages just stream by, aided by a fast-paced, sexy storyline...The powerful attraction between Hayley and Nicholas will have your pulse pounding because the love scenes are intense and extremely erotic...I found myself laughing, crying and loving right along with them. I highly recommend reading What Lies in Winter."
5 Lips ~ Talking TwoLips Reviews

"Stranded in the middle of a snowstorm, two unlikely souls find a surprising love...What starts out as a sexy fling turns into something much more as they spend time together. An interesting short story sure to warm up these cold winter nights..."
~Jennifer Bishop, RRT Erotic

"...a charming book of finding love when you least expect it...The chemistry between Hayley and Nicholas binds them, but it also restricts them when it comes to their feelings. I enjoyed that each had to face the past to have what they want in the future."
~Tewanda, Fallen Angel Reviews

"What Lies in Winter is a sparky, sizzling hot, seasonal love story with luscious sex scenes that could melt a glacier. Hayley and Nicholas are complicated and sympathetic characters who take a rocky winter's ride through emotion and passion to reach the HEA they so richly deserve."
~ Portia Da Costa, Black Lace Author

"Cassidy Kent has woven this novella with plenty of humour, a touch of sentiment and a whole lot of hot, hot, hot... Part of me wanted to turn away from the deeply private moments between this couple because I kept forgetting it wasn't real. I'm telling you there should have been steam rising up from my computer. A great, fast, and definitely exciting, read from this author."
4.5 Kisses ~ Michelle Puffer, Romance Divas


"An exciting, suspenseful read, filled with the fascinating flavour of the Carnival and red-hot sensuality. Raleigh and Cristo are two magnificent, unforgettable characters, and the two storylines are balanced perfectly. I couldn't put this down. Well recommended."
5.5 Magical Wands ~ Autiotalo, Enchanted Ramblings

"Hot nights, steamy sex, and a few secrets are what Cassidy Kent has in store for readers when they open up RALEIGH IN RIO."
Multiple O's ~ Sinclair Reid, RRT Erotic

"Between the hot sambas and even hotter Cristo Santiago, Cassidy Kent weaves a spicy tale of exotic seduction, secrets, and love at first sight. I'm booking the next flight to Rio!"
~ Gemma Halliday, author of Spying in High Heels

"Ms. Kent has written a very erotic book that will have you heating up very quickly. The sex is intense. This book shows you that once lost, trust must be earned back. Watch for the shocking surprise twist at the end. This book is a great read."
4 Coffee Cups ~ Sherry, Coffee Time Romance

"Raleigh In Rio is rich in imagery. The heat, the sizzling music, the passion is all there. Ms. Kent creates layers of sensuality within the prose, building an ever-increasing tempo in a sensual game of literary foreplay."
4.5 Kisses ~ C.C. Ellis, Romance Divas

"Raleigh in Rio is an entertaining journey from the start...Ms. Kent's Raleigh in Rio is a fun and sexy tale for romance readers looking for a sizzling story with a great happy ending."
3.5 Nymphs ~ Water Nymph, Literary Nymphs

"It's way too easy to get swept away in Ms. Kent's classical, flowing voice. The sex in the story is sizzling and believable. The relationship between Raleigh and Cristo is sweet and spicy at the same time. She did a wonderful job creating Cristo. He's the sexiest thing I've read about in a long time!...If you're looking for a quick, hot, easy read, Raleigh in Rio is a perfect pick. I'm looking forward to reading more of Ms. Kent's work."
3 Moons ~ Adra Steia, Rites of Romance

"Raleigh In Rio is a rare gem. Cassidy Kent managed to create a heartwarming and passionate story in such a compact book. Cristo is a dream…Raleigh is a survivor… Raleigh In Rio is a book about trust and growth. If you want a quick read with a punch, grab it."
4.5 Lips ~ Tara Renee, Two Lips Reviews



"In this delightful Christmas tale, Kent brings the spirit of the season to life. At the same time she presents a believable tale of love quickly realized. The doubts that the heroine experiences are realistic, and the solutions are a bit like a fairy tale."
3 Stars ~ Susan Mobley, Romantic Times

"A terrific holiday tale of generosity and love that achieves both Christmas cheerfulness and sexy satisfaction in one brightly wrapped package." She went on to say that "Kent turns phrases with a certain ease and mastery that has become rare in romance publishing."
~ Ellie McBride, Romance News

"1 Shot – A Toast to a Great Book!…Ms. Kent delivers some great scenes, terrific emotion, hot sex, and a tidy ending, in 45 pages. The love at first sight is so well done that it could convince a…non-believer."
1 Shot (A toast to a great book) ~ Literary Sass

"[Cassidy Kent] weaves sweet romance with hot sex, characters that are as real as people you meet everyday, and a skill for the craft that puts her at the top of my must-read list. Whether the sun is shining, or the first snow of winter is falling, this story will remain with you always."
~ Lynn Burton, TCM Reviews

"Santa's Helper is one of the most entertaining quick reads I've had in quite a while...It is engaging and simply a joy to read. Hats off to Ms. Kent for providing us with a great mood-lifter in the form of this short read."
4 Stars ~ Mahaira, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"Cassidy Kent is an awesome storyteller! Her characterization skills and outstanding voice draw us into her world, where we feel like we know her characters personally. Words and pages fall away as you delve into this story. Santa’s Helper makes for a hot Christmas read in July!"
5 Kisses ~ Trula Wyatt, Romance Divas

"Santa’s Helper is a very sweet story about two people finding love when/where they least expect it. Noel and Maura are both wonderful characters and their love story is very touching. Cassidy Kent is a very talented new author – Santa’s Helper is a must read!"
4.5 Flags ~ Kerin, Euro Reviews

"Cassidy Kent breathes new life into this story, making Maura and Noel two characters to be admired and enjoyed. Their story is definitely a whirlwind romance with a bit of reality thrown in… a pleasurable reading experience. "
3 Angels ~ Sarah W., Fallen Angel Reviews

"Santa's Helper is a story full of love and hope. Noel is a man that has virtually everything, except a family. Maura is a woman that has virtually nothing, except a family. I loved both of the characters, and Kyle and Maura's mother was the perfect addition to the tale."
~ Shannon, Joyfully Reviewed


"I enjoyed this book…The words flowed unhindered. The love scene was touching and well written…This story held me enthralled from the first page, and took me to a place I have never been, but left me feeling I had actually been there…I would buy more of Ms. Kent's books."
4 Cats ~ Jack Goodall, Wild Child Publishing

"…an excellent short story featuring realistic characters, a lovely setting and intense passion. The sex scenes were hot with all the intensity of lovers who have not seen each for a long time. I truly look forward to reading more of Ms. Kent's stories!"
~ Sakura Kai, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"The characters of Free and Zach are likeable…Key West is a beautiful setting for romance. I enjoyed this book and recommend it to everyone."
~ Ellen, The Romance Studio

"Ms. Kent delivers a fast paced, well-written novella full of love, enough heat to keep it sizzling, and second chances... If you enjoy erotic romance this story is for you. You won't be disappointed."
~ Lynn Burton, TCM Reviews

"I was so engrossed in their pain, their fears, and their obvious love for each other, that I couldn't put the book down...Good show, Ms. Kent! The physical chemistry between the two was palpable...And that, folks, is why this gal is giving Cassidy Kent a one-shot salute."
1 Shot (A toast to a great book) ~ Literary Sass

"SUNSET KEY is a great short story that left me feeling completely satisfied at the end. This is the first book that I have read by author Cassidy Kent and with such great writing talent it will not be the last. I highly recommend you read SUNSET KEY; you will not be disappointed."
4 Ribbons ~ Dina Smith, Romance Junkies

"Cassidy Kent takes story telling to a whole new level with this heartfelt tale of second chances. Armed with energy that pulsates throughout every page you’re sure to love this exciting adventure!...A complete novel in a novella size, this is my idea of a perfect romance."
5 Kisses ~ Trula Wyatt, Romance Divas


"Cassidy Kent is a new and talented voice in romance, hot and tender like her characters,
with love scenes that sizzle."
~ Sunny, author of Mona Lisa Awakening

“Cassidy Kent is a fresh new voice in erotic fiction! Lush attention to detail, sassy characters and
sizzling sex will titillate and delight readers. I can’t wait to see what else this author has up her sleeve-or between the sheets, as the case may be.”
~ Eden Bradley, author of Heat Wave

"Fresh, imaginative, and sexy as hell. Cassidy Kent delivers!"
~ Sylvia Day, author of Ask For It

"Get swept away with Cassidy Kent! A wonderful new voice in romantic fiction that will set your heart sailing."
~ Kristen Painter, Romance Divas

"Cassidy Kent will captivate you with her sparkling wit and incredible imagination. It takes talent to combine humor and inferno inducing romance...and she's not lacking. Prepare to be dazzled!"
~ Eva Gale, author of 101 Degrees Fahrenheit

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