Uncertain Directions

“Rejection doesn’t mean you’re not good enough; it means the other person failed to notice what you have to offer.”
Mark Amend

Rockin’ Out to: DARK SIDE by
Kelly Clarkson

* * * *

This year has been the first one in which I’ve received more rejections than in the entire span of my almost 9 year course of my writing career. Unfortunately, it’s a continual process authors have to face in this publishing world. We submit our proposal and we wait, and wait, and wait…then we get the editorial responses…it’s pretty straight forward. Pass or a contract offer.

If it’s a pass from the editor, they want you to write them another proposal and then the cycle starts all over again. I’m becoming pretty good about knocking out proposals but I’m also ready to see that light at the end of the tunnel. Even though I have one of the best agents in the industry, it’s my writing that has to really click with the editors. I’ve come seriously close to getting contracts this year but my timing and luck has been off. Sucks, but what can you do? I know this market is tough and editors really have to be over the moon about a project to want to sign you. Their reputation is on the line and if you don’t sell through like they hoped you would, it’s bad news for the both of you.  Well folks, it’s been a crazy ride, but at the end of the day I still love every aspect of this journey. Heck, being published doesn’t guarantee anything but if I’m going to write, it’s going to be what I truly want to write about no matter what genre.

A friend of mine recently brought up a point about writing in multiple genres. Apparently an editor mentioned it wasn’t a good idea. She believed that it’s better to focus on branding yourself in one specific genre instead of taking on too many different genres. I don’t necessarily agree. I feel that if you can write in multiple genres, you should. Why? Simply because you’re going to pull in those different types of readers for whichever genre you have to offer. Maybe someone wants my contemporaries…maybe someone wants my YA or Paranormal or Historical…I’m opening myself to a diverse readership and if they like my voice, they’ll be more willing to read the rest of my work. I’m sure some authors will agree and some won’t but I know that when I’m doing book signings, readers will either want my spicy books or my super sweet. If I have stacks of both, I’m still going to get a reader. It’s served well for me and I don’t plan on choosing just one genre and limit myself.

Writing is all about confidence, loving what you do, and going out of your comfort zone so you can grow. I thought I’d never write a historical romance but the past few years I’ve entertained the idea of doing it. Next year is my foray into writing Asian historicals and I’m pretty darn excited about it. It’s going to be difficult, I know that right off, but it’s the idea that I am pushing myself to expand and strengthen my writing skills. I don’t have any expectations except writing a story that will resonate with others and still preserve my voice.

This year started out with many uncertainties about whether I should consider retiring from writing, but I quickly realized it was such an absurd thought!  I wasn’t going to let rejections, bad reviews, or anything negative be the weight that sinks me. I’ve worked too hard and I want to continue doing so. I want to write these stories swimming in my heart and soul and whether I’m writing for myself, my family, or my friends…I can never stop writing. It’s like breathing and if I cease to do so, it’s like suffocating…dying inside.

I love my readers and my writing support system. I hope you’ll continue following me to see where my writing career takes me in the next five years! I can’t THANK YOU enough…


  • Kwana

    So glad you got rid of that crazy giving up writing idea, Jax, but I do know the feeling as most of us writers have been there. Rejections are so part of the game and I don’t know if the day will ever come when we are numb to them. I guess the beautiful thing is that through it all the ideas don’t stop and we are reminded that we are still here.

  • Jax

    That’s so true, Kwana. I think the ones who are passionate about the art of writing will keep going until the end. I figured the more I put out stories, the more chances of getting a readership 🙂