Sonnet Seduction

Re-published: Smashwords
Original Publisher: Phaze Publishing
Length: Novella ♦ Contemporary Romance, Erotic


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English teacher and Jane Austen enthusiast finds her very own Mr. Darcy at the masquerade ball.

Twelfth grade English teacher Harper Alcott has her hands full this Valentine’s Day. Between planning the school dance, verbally sparring with her colleague, Tyler Finleah, and the mysterious sonnets from a secret admirer, she has about all she can take. When she finds Mr. Darcy to her Elizabeth Bennet at the masquerade costume ball, things take a turn for the sexy. As it turns out the identity of her secret admirer may be more of a surprise than she’s ready for.

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Warning: This excerpt may contain material inappropriate for minors and is intended for readers over 18 years of age.

Her pulse quickened and the queasiness swelled up at the pit of her stomach. Harper would not allow herself to pine away like a lovesick pup.

Breathe, Harper.

Taking in a lungful of air, she made a sturdy decision. By God, she would mingle with the crowd and have a great time tonight no matter what happened….or didn’t.
Harper took one step and froze in place. Among the midst of variously dressed high school students bumping and grinding, there he stood head and shoulders above them. He sported an austere, black tailed overcoat, breeches with tall black boots, and dark, curling brown hair that barely touched his collar.

Mr. Darcy in the flesh.

Harper gasped. Surely it was him.

Suddenly afraid to meet her admirer, she backed away, even as the prospect of seeing his face warmed the skin of her cheeks and chest. Her back hit brick wall, and she sighed in the relief of her dark corner. She could watch him with impunity now.

The bass of the music throbbed in her stomach and as she crouched in her hiding spot, Harper felt suddenly free to allow her gaze free reign over the man’s body. Her hands shook as she imagined running her hands through his mass of dark, wavy hair. His expansive shoulders filled the costume’s coat to capacity, and when he bent to retrieve a student’s dropped cell phone, Harper got an all-too-good glimpse of his muscled ass as the tails of his coat split.

A slow liquid pulse began between her thighs, and she shifted in her position as its tempo increased.

Oh, God.

The man turned, and her world spun in slow motion.

No, no, no…

Her perfect Mr. Darcy was none other than Tyler Finleah.